Wishing Well Program

The KidzWish Wishing Well Program aims to assist families of children who are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability access experience, services or equipment that is not currently funded through NDIS.Wishing Well Logo

If you are a family with a need, or would like to nominate a family or child, please click APPLY NOW below.

Here is the selection criteria and process of your application:

Program Details:

  • The KidzWish Wishing Well Committee works to raise funds for the program.
  • Applications under $10,000 are referred to The KidzWish Wishing Well Committee for assessment and determination.
  • Applications over $10,000 are referred to The KidzWish Board for further assessment and final determination.
  • Assistance is available to complete the application form for those who require it. If you would like assistance with the program, please email wishingwell@kidzwish.org.au or call 1300 260 990.
  • Funds will not be transferred directly to the applicant.
  • All funds made available for a successful application will be paid directly to the business that is providing the good/s or service/s.
  • All documentation relating to the case will remain in KidzWish archives and be stored confidentially.

Selection Criteria

  • Each Wishing Well application must directly benefit a child who is sick, disadvantaged or has a disability or their family. Small organisations providing services to the above may also apply.
  • The good/s or service/s applied for must be supportive, educational or beneficial to the child or family.
  • All applications must concern a child or children under 18 years old.
  • Applications for buildings or modifications will not be considered.
  • Applications for services such as speech, physio and occupational therapy may be directed to The KidzWish Therapy team or an external therapy provider.
  • An application may not be considered if an individual/family/organisation is also receiving funds from a different source

Application Process

  • All Applications to be submitted electronically via the form below.
  • Applicants will receive an email to confirm that the Wishing Well application has been received and this will be forwarded to the KidzWish Wishing Well Committee for review. Please note that this does not imply that an application has been or will be approved.
  • Each application submitted will be reviewed by the KidzWish Wishing Well Committee to fully understand the request and supporting documentation. Please ensure sufficient information is provided to enable the committee to asses this application without causing delays.
  • No application will be considered unless this specific application form has been filled out by the contact person or by a representative.
  • The application process can take up to 3 months before a determination is made.
If you are a family with a need, or would like to nominate a family or child, please click Apply Now!
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