Privacy Policy

The KidzWish Foundation is committed to protecting your personal information.  

The KidzWish Privacy Policy provides guidelines to make sure all your (or your child’s) personal information is safe.  It is based on the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).  As a client or volunteer of KidzWish, you have rights to access your personal information and to give or not give permission for how this information is used.  

KidzWish uses your personal information to help provide you a good service, or sometimes to report on our services to the government.  We will always ask you first if we are going to share any of your information or ask another person for information about you.

Sometimes KidzWish may ask to use a photo or your story to help tell the government or companies that donate money what KidzWish does.  This is to make sure the services have enough funds to keep running.  We will always ask you permission to do this.

Our privacy principles:

  • The KidzWish Foundation will make every effort to be open and not hide anything about how we store and use your personal information.  
  • You have the right to remain anonymous if it does not stop KidzWish providing a good service, and if it is legal. You cannot be an anonymous volunteer.
  • Personal information is collected on application forms and case history forms.  In therapy services, personal information is also collected by talking with the therapist.  This should always be in a private room, not in front of other people who are not involved in your or your child’s care.
  • The Minimal Data Set (MDS) privacy Statement outlines the information collected by therapy services that is passed on to the government.  It is your choice to provide this information.
  • You will be asked to give your consent (or permission) before any personal information is shared, or if someone else needs to be contacted for information about you or your child.  This might include a report or letter from a school, other therapist or doctor.
  • The KidzWish Foundation will only use your personal information for the reason it was provided unless we have your expressed consent for another purpose.  There are some exceptions:
  • Where it is required by law (e.g. the mandatory reporting of possible child abuse to authorities).  
  • Where there is a need to share the information for the purpose of providing a health service and for research.  
  • Where there is a need to share information to protect the health and safety of your child or the public at large.  
  • Government issued identification numbers (e.g. Medicare number) are not used by the KidzWish Foundation to identify your child or therapy files.
  • KidzWish always endeavours to keep your information is kept up to date and correct according to the information we have.  You can help by letting us know when there is a change of address or phone number, etc.
  • Your personal information is kept safely in locked filing cabinets. Personal information that is stored electronically is kept safe.  It can only be accessed by Kidzwish staff that are key to helping your child. The information is kept safe with passwords needed to see the information.  This information is backed up every day.
  • You can ask to see your child’s records at any time.  Make a request in writing to your child’s therapist, or a manager at KidzWish and an appointment can be made within 14 days to see the records.  It is recommended that a time is made with your therapist to do this, so the information can be clearly explained.
  • You have the right to request a correction of their personal information if the information is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, irrelevant or misleading.  

You can raise any concerns you have regarding our personal information handling practices by either discussing concerns with the therapist or staff member or by contacting us direct by telephone, email or in writing. You can also fill out a consumer feedback form  without disclosing your identity.

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