Wollongong comedian Frenchy on Chuckles for Charity

First published on 15th May, 2018 by KidzWish

Wollongong comedian Ben 'Frenchy' French swept to fame with a video poking fun at his home town. Now headlining Chuckles for Charity, he's bringing his blue comedy back to where it all started, all to raise funds for KidzWish.

Ben 'Frenchy' French is the perfect example of the internet being able to create a career.

He now has 1.4 million Facebook followers and nearly 300,000 YouTube subscribers. He's generated one hell of a following from his backyard in Austinmer in the northern Illawarra.

"I wouldn't have been able to do any stand up comedy without YouTube, and the videos are the only reasons I sell tickets - they're not coming for my looks," he says.

They come to see his brand of larrikin blue humour inspired by relationships, pop culture and previous employment as a relief teacher.

This June he brings his talents to the the University Hall, UOW, to support KidzWish.

"The Wollongong show is the one I care about the most because this is where I grew up and these are people I'll probably see again," he says.

"It'll be a much better show because I know everything about Wollongong, I worked at the Glasshouse [nightclub] and Jamberoo Action Park and taught around the area."

"You can't do comedy or any performance if you only half commit - when I had a job, I had money and things to fall back on.

"With comedy, I have nothing to fall back on and I realised I need to make it quickly so I can eat."

You can see Frenchy and some of Wollongong and Sydney's finest comedians including Sam Maloney (MC), Jamal Abdul, Lachlan Brooks, Rob Andrews, Marty Bright, Madeline Stewart and Jeff Peterson (entertainment) at the University Hall on June 29 at 7pm.

— KidzWish

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