The Once Upon a Time themed XMAS party was a celebration of 15 years of smiles

First published on 10th December, 2018 by Patrick Harris

On Thursday 22 November, KidzWish celebrated its annual Children's Christmas Party at the WIN Entertainment Centre.

It was a jam-packed day of family fun, laughter and celebrations of anther great year for KidzWish.

The day began outside with children and parents alike gathering to take photos with their favourite Disney princesses and superheroes the likes of which included Darth Vader, Elsa, Cinderella, the Paddle-Pop Lion and WWE wrestlers.

The outfits worn were rivalled by that of many of the children attending, with stunning princess gowns, intricate face paint and even a wheelchair covered in tinsel. It was sometimes hard to determine between the princesses and heroes and the kids.

Many people lined up outside the venue waiting eagerly in anticipation hoped that the Original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page would be attending while others were on the lookout for Ronald McDonald.

When both appeared during the show they were met with cheers and claps, clearly the fan favourites of the day.

Greg had everyone singing along to songs, including ‘musical statutes’, ’little bubbles pop pop pop’, ‘climbing the ropes on the pirate ship’ and the ‘crab dance’.

Following that, Ronald McDonald treated everyone to lunch and a show with happy meals passed around the venue while Ronald McDonald amazed everyone with his magical rope. It wasn’t long before The Hamburglar upset the show, but with a bit of help from the crowd everything was set right.

The show concluded with a visit from Santa and Mrs Claus, closing out the day with a performance of Jingle Bell Rock.

On their way out, children were able to pick up a special gift donated by KidzWish. Everyone spoke highly of how great the show was with children unable to wipe the smiles off their faces.

For many of the families that attended this was not their first KidzWish Children's Christmas party. For those who went for their first time they have already marked it in their calendar for 2019.

The event which started in 2004 had 4300 people attend, with another 1000 plus on the waiting list.  

— Patrick Harris