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First published on 20th December, 2016 by KidzWish

Volunteers are a vital part of the success of KidzWish. Each year over 650 people contribute around 4,000 unpaid hours to a number of different events. We bring you a new 5 part series – people putting others first - five awesome quotes from people who volunteer with KidzWish.

KidzWish is always looking for enthusiastic members of the community to volunteer for various KidzWish events and fundraisers throughout the year. 

Courtney Maylin

“My experience with The KidzWish Foundation was one in a million. Not only did I have a chance to be part of such an amazing charity, but I was also given the privilege to work closely with some of the most beautiful and gifted people I've ever met. These children and their families, with such big dreams and goals makes you really appreciate the little things in life, and respect those who aren't as lucky as others. Volunteering for the KidzWish Christmas Party at WIN Sports & Entertainment Centre was a once in a life time experience, to see the gorgeous smiles and laughs of the children (and also the thousands of chicken nuggets handed out). I am so proud and grateful for being able to be a part of such an amazing team, my KidzWish family.”

Azeez Yusuff

“Volunteering at The KidzWish Foundation has been a hugely positive experience on both my personal and professional life. The various roles I have undertaken as a volunteer with KidzWish have renewed my faith in humanity, it has increased my perspective of the idea and ideal of GIVING. Giving my time and energy to be rewarded with pure joy on the faces of the children we assist, to be rewarded with immense happiness and support from fellow volunteers has been hugely fulfilling for me."Further, as a volunteer, I have been exposed to the necessity of organised charity organisations in the society. Charity organisations like KidzWish reminds the society of the humanity in us all. I am willing and eager to continue volunteering with KidzWish for the sense of fulfillment it provides me, for the exposure it avails me, for the warmth and friendliness of the staffs and fellow volunteers. Above all else, for allowing me the opportunity to positively touch other lives-in doing so, I am finding the meaning of my existence. Thank you.”

Carolynn Carpenter

“Volunteering with The KidzWish Foundation has been quite liberating. I know that when I offer time or resources to KidzWish - it is utilised in the most effective way - there is always something that needs done, no matter how small or big a task - it always feels good to be a part of the team. When you volunteer with KidzWish they really make you feel like part of the family - and I've been lucky enough to meet some the families that KidzWish works with more closely through their various programs. Time is such a valuable thing - and although financial support is very important, the giving of your time and skills is JUST as important for the success and overall achievements of KidzWish. I'm proud to be able to put my hand up where I can - and so happy to know that when we can give - we'll be there wearing our Fairy wings, or a bright orange shirt every time.”

Linda Alvarez

“Volunteering for The KidzWish Foundation has been one of the most enriching and beautiful experiences I've ever had the privilege of participating in. I have been able to take part in fundraising initiatives like KidzWish Day at Stockland Shellharbour, as well as doing behind the scenes set up at a number of different events throughout the past year. Being a part of it has been so much fun and it's taught me a lot! Getting to know the team as well as engaging with all the children and families that KidzWish supports has opened my eyes to how much they are just like a family. KidzWish has given me much more than I could ever hope to give back as a volunteer and every event I attend, every fundraising initiative and every testimonial shared, fills me with an overwhelming sense of pride in the heart and power of our local community.”

Paige Neave

“I love volunteering with The KidzWish Foundation because it gives me the opportunity to learn, help and grow. I have been working with the KidzSpeak program since early this year and have witnessed how quickly positive change can happen. Watching children's language improve and seeing them having fun while it’s happening is an amazing experience. Volunteering gives me a sense of pride in myself and I would encourage anyone who is thinking about it to jump in! Everyone at KidzWish have been wonderful and I feel so lucky to be a part of an organisation that is doing good in the world.”

— KidzWish

KidzWish is for everyone and we are always looking for enthusiastic members to volunteer at our events and fundraisers held throughout the year.
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