Original Wiggle Greg Page notches up a decade of volunteering to help Illawarra kids

First published on 24th October, 2018 by Greg Ellis

But Greg Page is far more than that. Since being introduced to the annual event by Geoff Harvey the original Yellow Wiggle became hooked the very first year.

He not only keeps coming back to volunteer his time for the annual party as well as the KidzWish fundraising ball. He also lobbies politicians on KidzWish's behalf.

This week Page was in Wollongong and Shellharbour again reading a Christmas story penned by KidzWish founder Chris Beaven to young children at KidzWish Place. He then went to Xander Productions to record a video with Alex Sturman.

Asked why he was so passionate about helping out the Illawarra charity and the thousands of children it supports he said because it does such a great job helping children.

“For many years with the Wiggles we would go and visit children in hospitals. We would do a lot of visits and we would see a lot of people who need help in many ways,” he said.

“What KidzWish represents to me is a need in this area that would go unmet if it was not for KidzWish.

Page said with everything KidzWish does it was still unable to do everything.

These is a demand still not being met which is why he will help in any way he can to secure more funding.

“I will do anything I can to help out. Whether that is performing at the annual Christmas Party for the kids or the ball I am more than happy to lend my support,” he said.

“The only years I have missed are when my kids have had their end of year concerts on the same night. But even in those years I still come down and help with other projects.” 

Page said he helped lobby politicians because it is so important for so many children in the Illawarra that they do listen.

“The work that Chris and KidzWish do is incredible. The amount of passion that goes into it. But there is not enough support from people who have access to funding to help make a much bigger difference where it is really needed,” he said.

Meanwhile copies of the children’s book called The Little Twig will be for sale at the ball to help raise funds for KidzWish.

“I wrote this about 10 years ago. I have written all sorts of stories but have never done anything with any of them before,” Mrs Beaven said.

The story is about a little twig who wants to be a Christmas tree. A theme of the book is how helping people brings fun and laughter. Just as Page has done.

Tickets are already on sales for the 15th annual KidzWish Ball. The theme for it and the Christmas party on November 22 and 23 will be Once Upon A Time.

Laser Man will be back along with Speed Painter and Batman who was invited by Leo Lagana during his 18th birthday party at Jamberoo Hotel recently.

Mrs Beaven said KidzWish could not do what it does without people such as Page who believed in its work and the amazing staff.

— Greg Ellis