Michael inspired by courageous Kiara

First published on 13th February, 2019 by

After seeing the struggles that families with special needs children go through, Michael Hamilton wanted to do his bit to help.

Michael, of Lake Illawarra, will proudly led the 7th annual The Scarborough Hotel KidzWish Bridge2Bridge Challenge 2019 on Sunday morning, helping to raise money for KidzWish and kids like Kiara.

"I've got three or four families I've known for 20 years that have kids with special needs and I see how hard it is for them at this time of year," he said.

"One of my friend's kids has had a brain tumour since he was born. He's had it removed a few times and now he's going through radiation treatment."

Michael along with 200 Illawarra locals will leave Sea Cliff Bridge and its estimates they will arrive at Windang Bridge between 4pm and 5pm.

Having had his own health problems, he hopes to inspire others to get involved.

"I had a mini stroke a few years ago and was lucky enough to still be able to work and do things," Mr Hamilton said. "I thought if I did challenge then maybe more people would get involved.

"I want to show people that age or having a stroke isn't a barrier, because if I can do it so can others."

Register at http://bit.ly/bridge2bridge


Do not read this unless you are honest, hard-working and ready to make an impact. Still here? Great. We need more people like you fundraising for KidzWish. Together, let's do it for the kidz.
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