Kylie's passion for helping others

First published on 10th July, 2017 by Ella Molinia

Albion Park café, Milk and Co Coffee concluded the fundraising drive to wrap up the annual KidzWish Day campaign held on June 24.

Kylie Stylianou and her team baked muffins, sold KidzWish merchandise and collected donations to help KidzWish's mission to help Illawarra and South Coast children who are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability. 

“It was a busy morning, we’ve already sold out of muffins and its only midday, so that’s really great,” Stylianou said.

The Stylianou family have been involved with KidzWish since 2015 and were more than happy to organise fundraising activities. It was part of the capital campaign to build a new KidzWish Place. 

“We’ve been a part of a few KidzWish fundraisers. My dad organised the charity motorcycle ride last year,” Stylianou said.

“Today, we’re selling muffins for five dollars and all proceeds is going to KidzWish as well as selling merchandise and asking for a donation.”

The fundraiser at Milk and Co Coffee was inspired by the late KidzWish child ambassador Noah Southall. 

“Our Nanna was very good friends with one of the KidzWish child ambassadors. One of the main kids before he passed away so we’ve all had a bit of a connection with KidzWish,” she said.

Stylianou explained how staff of KidzWish provide her with updates on how funds are spent.

“Karouna and Beau have both been a part of KidzWish, we’ve got to know them really well and they’ve both become regular customers of ours as well. We see them on a regular basis and get updates on KidzWish through them,” she said.

Stylianou said they would support the foundation again.

Milk and Co Coffee raised $600 to help the development of the children’s charity’s new home in Flinders.

— Ella Molinia

Do not read this unless you are honest, hard-working and ready to make an impact. Still here? Great. We need more people like you fundraising for KidzWish. Together, let's do it for the kidz.
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