KidzWish delivers toilet paper to families in need

First published on 29th April, 2020 by Renee

With thanks to our amazing local supporters Finance Control, KidzWish has secured a large supply of toilet paper to distribute to our KidzWish families with a need.

Toilet paper will be delivered across the region to families and elderly who have struggled to get basic supply from the supermarket during this pandemic.

KidzWish will hit the road over coming weeks for contactless delivery to individuals, families and organisations.

“We’ve teamed up with long term sponsors of KidzWish, Finance Control to contribute this supply to our local community wherever there is a genuine need. I’ve already delivered a truck load and the response has been fantastic, KidzWish families are so grateful and relieved!” Ken Jordan, Chairperson of KidzWish.

To receive a special delivery, we are asking families, indivduals or organsiations to register through our website:

— Renee