KidzWish visit to Wollongong Hospital lifts kids' spirits

First published on 19th December, 2018 by Lisa Wachsmuth

Nine-year-old Liam Nyers-Saunders will spend the six weeks of the school holidays with his wrists in casts, after fracturing both two days before the end of term.

The Berkeley boy, who was injured falling over a big tree root, was among the sick and injured kids who got a surprise visit from Santa and the KidzWish fairy at Wollongong Hospital children’s ward on Tuesday.

“He’s a sweet kid and he’s taking his injuries in his stride even though he’ll have to put up with casts throughout the holidays,” his mum, Jessica, said. “And he was so excited when Santa and the others came through the ward, and he loved his gift.”

KidzWish spokesman Karouna Micheal said this year’s visit was made possible thanks to Wave FM’s Christmas fundraiser, which enabled the charity to buy the gifts.

“Christmas is a time when children love to spend time with their family at home,” he said.

“However this pleasure is not possible for everyone and for the sick children that spend Christmas in the children’s ward, it can be an especially tough time for both the child and their families.

“So we try and lift their spirits with this annual visit.”

— Lisa Wachsmuth

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