Haworth Music School to host Christmas concert for local children with special needs

First published on 1st December, 2017 by Greg Ellis

Haworth Music School is hosting its first ever end-of-year Christmas concert with all proceeds going to KidzWish Foundation.

For the past few decades the Haworth music stores have been called home by many Illawarra and South Coast musicians who continue to support the family-run business by purchasing music supplies and making good use of the stores’ guitar repair centres when they’re guitars are in need of a little TLC.

Now the next generation of musicians will have their time to shine as the Haworth Music School prepares to host a Christmas concert in support of the Illawarra based KidzWish Foundation.

Established in March 2015 the music school is an off-shoot of the music stores and is run in-house by tuition managers Michael Allison and Ryan Beveridge.

The school teachers singing lessons, as well as guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboard, ukulele, piano and violin.

“The Music School has been such a great step forward in teaching the next generation” Mr Allison said. 

“It has been awesome seeing these young musicians improve so much over the past few years. It’s not just kids either, we teach adults as well and have some students in their seventies learning the guitar.”

After the school’s mid-year concert received such a good response from the students, their families and the local community, the school decided to host a Christmas concert with the goal of raising much needed funds for KidzWish.

“The mid-year concert was amazing! We had so many people rock up to support these music students” Mr Allison said. 

“We have some awesome musicians in the school and you could see the hard work the students and teachers put in pay off. We wanted to support KidzWish because of the amazing work they do with young people in need. They’re a great charity and need all the support they can get.”

KidzWish community events manager Beau Thatcher said fundraisers such as the Haworth Music School Christmas Concert were important to the charity to help fund its programs like its therapy, music, dance, sports academy initiatives. 

“All programs directly help Illawarra and South Coast children who are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability,” he said.

“Haworth have joined our community of people who love doing it for the kids. This festive season we are encouraging more local legends to do the same.”

— Greg Ellis

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