Georgia's story

First published on 17th May, 2017 by Illawarra Mercury

Learning to read and write is hard for any young child but Georgia Walton had the disadvantage of hearing loss getting in the way of learning her ABCs.

However with the help of KidzWish, Georgia now has an iPad to help her communicate better with her teachers, family and friends.

Her mother Susan Walton is excited about the device's potential to remove communication barriers for Georgia and her family.

"Hopefully it will make communication between home and school easier," she said.


The iPad is part of the KidzWish Appeals Program and will assist with Georgia's speech pathology sessions. KidzWish's speech pathologists provide free therapy to Georgia.

KidzWish spokesperson Karouna Micheal said it's Support Programs including speech pathology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy is a family-centred program.

"We teach signing to the family and we work with them in their environment," he said.

"Our therapists go to school and they have been shopping with Georgia where they will find ways to communicate in different situations."

Ms Walton said speech therapy eased the frustration Georgia felt being unable to express herself.

"She's come a long way with her signs, it's so much easier for her to understand and be understood," she said.

Speech therapy had revealed Georgia to be a quick learner.

"She's coming along at school really well which is something we might have missed if she couldn't communicate with her teacher," Mr Micheal said.

— Illawarra Mercury

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