CrossFit program helps children find confidence

First published on 16th October, 2017 by

A CrossFit gym in the Illawarra is making a positive impact on children who are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability.

The pilot fitness program is a partnership between CrossFit Wollongong and KidzWish. 

Kisane De Jonge, head CrossFit Kids coach of CrossFit Wollongong, has a passion for helping others and said they all have one goal: to get the kids moving and to boost their confidence.

"I wanted to provide a safe learning place at our gym to give back and help these kids move around and get fit."

The natural thing for her to do was to start a program to benefit local children and families. She partnered with KidzWish's sports academy program coordinators and together they came up with a plan.


KidzWish's sports academy programs supports 33 children in the Illawarra providing them up to 600 hours a year to introduce children to early learning principles of basketball, cricket and soccer along with activities that increase their physical and social development. CrossFit has been added to the lists of sports the program provides.

The definition of CrossFit is functional movements that are constantly varied, performed at high intensity.

KidzWish marketing manager Karouna Micheal said it doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at because the feeling of accomplishment is the same.

"This statement couldn’t be more true than when it comes to the group of children we support. Progress may not be highly recognised by common standards in the fitness world, but for our KidzWish kids, their progress is something we celebrate," Mr Micheal said. 

Parents have already seen some milestones. The program will run through term 4 and plans are underway for future classes in 2018.