Cayden's story

First published on 16th February, 2017 by

Snez Graovac has seen other children walk away from her seven-year-old son Cayden in the playground, deterred by his repetitive behaviours.

Cayden is autistic and until this year he hadn’t uttered a word.

“He may clap or squeal, and other children will walk away from him, not understanding that Cayden was trying to be friendly,” Ms Graovac said.

“Neurotypical kids don’t understand that behaviour.”

Ms Graovac credits Cayden’s time in the KidzWish Sports Academy Program with giving him new social and life skills.

The KidzWish Sports Academy Program provides one-on-one supervision to children with special needs and disabilities.

“Until he started with sports academy he had no interest in ball sports,” Ms Graovac said.

“But bit by bit he’s learnt. He can kick a ball now and he really likes basketball."

“Seeing the other kids together has helped him with his social side. He can do any of his behaviours there. Kids jump up and down on the spot. Anything goes.”

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