Ari's story

First published on 21st August, 2017 by Patrick Harris

The KidzWish sports academy program is all about supporting one another. It embodies the spirit of friendship and helping each other out. One of the absolute prime examples of this is KidzWish Kid Ari.

Ari is like any seven-year-old. He likes to read, plays Mario kart after school and is even talented enough to play the drums. But most of all he loves to chat.

After having attended KidzWish for just over a year Ari could be considered a fan favourite of the volunteers and kids. He loves to talk about anything and everything, and makes sure that his friends are getting involved. It’s hard to say whether he prefers playing wheelchair basketball or just hanging out with his mates.

Ari has attended three of the Wollongong Roller Hawks basketball games and always gets excited to see his favourite player (whose name he couldn’t quite remember). Being able to see his idols play is amazing for Ari. However, being able to play the sport himself is something truly special. This is what KidzWish provides for kids like Ari.

KidzWish’s sports academy gets everyone involved, all of differing abilities and ages. During Tuesday’s ‘Wheelies’ sports academy the kids participate in wheelchair basketball learning a number of fun activities including bulrush, ball bouncing drills, passing exercises and a shooting competition. These activities teach the kids to work together, communicate, challenge themselves and have fun.

The KidzWish sports academy can help any child to be as confident and friendly as Ari. The academy, with its volunteer staff and coaches, provide the help and support needed for kids of all abilities whilst also encouraging independence.

The ‘Wheelies’ Sports academy runs every Tuesday from 4pm at Shellharbour Sports Stadium.

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— Patrick Harris

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