All the beautiful testimonials from the KidzWish Christmas Party

First published on 5th March, 2018 by

Nicole Paramanis: "Thank you to all at KidzWish and all involved in this wonderful party. We were so excited to attend our first one and it was amazing, we were blown away by the kindness and love. Thank you!"

Sue Howard: "Thank you to KidzWish and all the wonderful volunteers it was a wonderful day for all concerned. I know my grandchildren loved it. You do such great things for these wonderful special children. Thank you doesn't seem to say enough."

Pennie Smith: "Thank you so much KidzWish you guys are true angels."

Erin Rose: "Beautiful! Thank you for allowing us to attend."

Lya Mulcahy: "Thank you again KidzWish for another great concert and all that you do."

Love Dexter: "You raise me up, KidzWish. Thank you."

Raz Dazman: "Thank you so much for another awesome party."

Nemer Hussein Hussein: "Thankyou KidzWish for putting a smile on all these kiddies faces including my two, you are all amazing!"

Leanne Mccabe: "Thank you KidzWish my kids loved it they were so happy when they came home."

Sasha Torilo: "Thank you KidzWish for making so many kids happy today!"

Raquel Pippen: "Thank you KidzWish! We took our children from Avondale ECEC and they were mesmerized! We feel so lucky to be able to share in such an amazing day! Thank you to everyone who makes it possible for all the children! Amazing!"

Hollis Patricia: "So hard to get this boy to smile. So a really really big thank you to KidzWish for making this happen today and to all the volunteers... You guys and girls are amazingly awesome."

Carol Kriss: "All the volunteers help put a smile on many children's faces. Looks like everyone had a great time. Well done."

Lynne van Doorn: "My Grandson went and had the best time ever, thanks!"

Laura May: "Thank you! We had an amazing time!"

Moira Tracey: "Thank you Greg for taking the time to greet James. James must be your number 1 fan. You sat and sang to him at the Sydney Children's Hospital when you visited some unwell munchkins. You are a kind hearted human and I thank you for being you."

Rebbeca Hin: "Thanks KidzWish and Wollongong Police, for making special moments in our lives."

Mikayla Leplaw: "My son went with his school he hasn’t stopped talking about it and is supper happy about his gift thank you for making his day."

Sharyn Summersford: "Thank you KidzWish for another fantastic day. Cheyenne had 'the best day ever!' Big thank you to organisers and all of the wonderful volunteers."

Carol Zecevic: "Thank you KidzWish for a fabulous day. We enjoyed each and every single moment. 'Best day ever' - says Aidyn & Malik."

Yvonne Mitchell: "Thank you so much! This was our very first time attending but we’ve had a wonderful day! Thank you so much KidzWish!"

Jenn Ratcliffe: "We always have a blast! Thanks so much."

Suzie Veigel: "Awesome day, my daughter had a ball. Thanks KidzWish."

Rebecca Coombes: "Chanelle loved it. Thanks for another great party KidzWish."

Renee Jurgielan: "Thank you KidzWish, Ashton won’t stop talking about how much fun he had."

Bonnie Maree: "Gillen My son had a awesome time thanks KidzWish."

Elizabeth Wynne: "We had a ball thank you again everyone who made it possible until next year thank you Greg page is awaits awesome love him thanks Greg."

Charmaine Barling: "Thank you endlessly KidzWish for everything you do for these beautiful kids."

Kylie O'Neill: "Grace had the best time again. Thank you so very much."

Nemer Hussein Hussein: "Thankyou so much KidzWish!! This was our first year attending and my kids had the best time."

Steve Chlopicki: "Honoured to be part of such a great community event, well done KidzWish."

Roseanna Keller: "Thanks KidzWish for putting on yet again another amazing Xmas party !!! We had an awesome time."

Kate Mcmaster: "Thanks KidzWish we had a ball."

Jo Teresa: "First time hopefully not the last time kids had an awesome time thank you KidzWish for and excellent show."

Jay Hall: "Thank you KidzWish we had a ball!"

Ash Butterfiel: "Our first year but hopefully not our last! The kids had a ball. Thank you KidzWish!"

Amy Schmidt: "Our first year and was amazing! Thank you for putting on an amazing day for the kiddies!"

Craig Walton: "Thanks my girls loved it!"

Sue Brennan: "Thank you KidzWish. Georgia had a great time."

Amy Williamson: "Was amazing the moment all the lights went off."

Emma Barling: "Another great year thanks again KidzWish."

Allyson Bunt: "What an awesome show yet again."

Lenice Heffernan: "Kids had a ball! Thanks KidzWish!"

Sharon Smith: "Thank you very much KidzWish for the fantastic Christmas party. All three of mine loved it so did hubby and I. All three love their presents and enjoyed the whole time. Still laughing about Santa's surfing."

Kristy-lee Heferen: "Thank you so much my kids had so much fun and my son that doesn’t like noise or crowds really enjoyed himself and is so happy with his watch that he chose. So once again thank you."

Nicole Paramanis: "Thanks KidzWish for an awesome Christmas party."

Jodie Robinson- Welland: "Another amazing year thanks 2 KidzWish we don’t know what we would do with out you guys."

Kerry Erjayavid: "You are amazing people who do such wonderful things."

Sharon Westwood: "Tessy had such a wonderful day! Thankyou!"

Bereniz Maree: "Forrest Kids had the best day thank you so much KidzWish!"

Sharon Smith: "Very proud mummy moment here. Cooper is usually afraid of animals and yesterday this."

Patricia Cobb: "We had such an amazing time today. Thank you so very much."

Jodie McCullough: "Thank you, my son had the best time today."

Bereniz Maree: "Forrest Kids had the best day thank you so much KidzWish."

Sharon Smith: "Great party. Kids have not stopped playing with their toys."

Jo-Anne Marshell: "KidzWish supports children and their families in many different ways. I always look forward to see what wonderful activities and the happy smiling faces on the kids. Lovely to see on Facebook. Such a WONDERFUL Foundation!"

Kathie Griffiths: "Lovely to see this happening."

Lucy D'Amico: "Way to go Cyrus! You're a great KidzWish ambassador and all the kids love you."

Manny Ijiran: "Nice to see you once more Cyrus! You must send more of this next time!"

Arsenio Guerra Jr. "You are an ambassador of goodwill, excellent performance!! We are so proud of you!!! From Chicago!"

Jay Hall: "My daughter loved her pic with Moana! Thanks for an amazing day!"

Hollis Patricia: "Thank you... Once again for making our son smile."

Janette Walker: "I hope everyone had a wonderful day. Thanks to all the volunteers for their tirelessly support."

Jodie Robinson- Well: "So exited can’t sleep we haven’t told our kids, they are going 2 wonder y they aren’t going 2 school 2morrow lol they are going 2 be so surprised cant wait 2 see there faces we love you KidzWish and thank you all so much for everything you guys have done."

Cr Cameron Walters: "Top work from Chris Beaven and the team at KidzWish. Hope everyone has fun tomorrow. I know I did when I helped as a volunteer a few years back. A lot of smiling kids that’s for sure!"