KidzWish enjoy playing a part in helping children and their families. At the end of year, we publish Year in Review Reports in order to detail the outcomes related to all of KidzWish's programs and fundraisers. These highlights are used to shape future plans for the following year and are published for complete transparency. On behalf of all the children and families we support - THANK YOU!

Our year in review

2018 really was a year of amazing milestones at KidzWish. Thanks to you, 5000 KidzWish Kidz benefited from a KidzWish Program! That’s a lot of smiling faces across the Illawara and South Coast. There was star entertainment at our annual KidzWish Children’s Christmas Party. We enlisted caped crusader Batman to make sure Santa found the children. Batman was tasked with finding and escorting Santa to the venue in time to provide a big climax to the annual party.

The 15th annual KidzWish Christmas Party saw 4300 children enjoy an action-packed day of fun, love and laughter with their carers at no cost to the families. It was all fully funded by donations and sponsorships which allowed each child to receive a toy, lunch and three hours of entertainment. Many were having a break from hospital or therapy just to attend the event that also provided some valuable respite for their families. Run with the help of 400 business/student volunteers the party is always met with eager anticipation and big smiles by the thousands for children.

Around 69 per cent of children attending had a disability, 24 per cent were disadvantaged and 7 per cent suffered from an illness. The one thing they all had in common was they were all kids who deserve the same opportunities many take for granted.


Speaking of love and laughter, our Sports Academy and Music & Dance Programs were close to full capacity. Over 1200 hours were dedicated to helping children shine through recreational activities that improve independence and confidence. Last year, we supported 62 children through these programs! For 7-year-old Ari, the KidzWish Sports Academy Program has provided him to be part of a wheelchair basketball team. Weekly training teaches the kids to work together, communicate, challenge themselves and have fun.


And last year, our KidzWish Speech Pathologist, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapists spent over 1710 hours providing essential early intervention services to 196 children in their everyday environments.


Thanks to our generous community donating Christmas gifts, in 2018 the KidzWish Fairy visited children in Wollongong Hospital Children’s Wards and spent over 100 hours in the community bringing joy to families. We also provided 522 families to unforgettable experiences like Sporting Games & Children Musical Concerts to name a few.


KidzWish would like to thank our supporters who attended our annual charity ball, bridge2bridge charity walk, bowls day, trivia night, KidzWish day and motorcycle charity ride fundraising events. You are the life blood of what we do and with more children joining our programs, we need as many helping hands that we can get.

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