Business team

  • Chris
    Chris Beaven, Executive Director

    Chris, the big beautiful boss of KidzWish, is the number one Josh Groban fan, the number one Illawarra Hawks fan, loves spending time with her family, a glass of wine, enjoys working with her team to achieve greatness,  and finding sponsors to fund programs.

  • Karouna
    Karouna Micheal, Marketing Manager

    Karouna, our marketing manager guru, is a CrossFit and coffee addict, loves spending time with his family, playing football, supporting Chelsea FC, enjoys sharing KidzWish’s stories with our community, and finding new ways to spread the word about  the impact we make on a weekly basis.

  • Beau
    Beau Thatcher, Community Events Manager

    Beau, the community events manager guy, is the best guy ever (self-proclaimed), loves watching the footy, meeting new people, and enjoys dressing up as Santa when we make a surprise visit to the Wollongong Hospital Children’s Ward.

  • staffprofile
    Andre Meloni, Project Manager - New KidzWish Place

    Andre, our KidzWish Place project manager, is a happy and passionate person, loves photography, food, woodwork, adventure, and enjoys playing a key role in bringing the community together to build a purpose built facility to help children of all abilities.

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