• fairy
    KidzWish Fairy

    The KidzWish Fairy's role is to bring smiles to thousands of children who are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability through entertainment and engagement. The KidzWish Fairy performs in front of 4,300 children and carers at the KidzWish Children's Christmas Party and makes annual surprise visits to sick children at Wollongong Hospital Children's Ward and schools each December. The KidzWish Fairy resembles a magical fairy in the eyes of the children which resembles hope, happiness, love and laughter.

  • gregpage
    Greg Page

    Greg is the original yellow Wiggle and the original lead singer of The Wiggles. Greg helps create the magic when he performs at our annual KidzWish Children's Christmas Party. Page said he keeps coming back and being involved because there was nothing else like it in Australia. And he just loves doing it for the kids.

  • JG
    Josh Groban

    Josh Groban is an American singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and record producer. "You Raise Me Up" is a song that Josh Groban popularised internationally and is now the theme song for KidzWish. Josh has met KidzWish’s Executive Director Chris Beaven and child ambassadors many times when visiting Sydney and is proud that his song "You Raise Me Up" was making a difference to children in the Illawarra & South Coast region.

  • wilsons
    Chris Bath & Jim Wilson

    Television stars Chris Bath and Jim Wilson are well known Australian TV personalities. Chris and Jim co-host our annual KidzWish Charity Ball dinner each November. They said they are passionate about KidzWish's cause and that they are both committed to enriching the lives of children in the Illawarra region.

  • cyrus

    Dapto dynamite Cyrus Villanueva is now using his star power to help children that are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability. The Sony recording artist has committed to being the new KidzWish ambassador in 2016 and beyond. Cyrus said: “I had the privilege of going to both Kanahooka High and Dapto Primary with children involved with KidzWish and their simple presence would light up the room. It is the least I can do to give back.”

  • jade
    Jade Papesch

    Jade’s been a KidzWish ambassador since the charity was founded in 2004 and she is lovable radio announcer on 96.5 Wave FM. She said: “The best thing about KidzWish is that every year they just evolve. So they figure out what’s missing in this community and what are the children missing out on, and they just get stuck into it. The things they have accomplished in our region is just amazing.”

  • Mat Campbell

    Mat Campbell is a retired Australian professional basketball player, who played his entire career for the Illawarra Hawks in the Australian National Basketball League. Mat has been an ambassador and loyal supporter of KidzWish since being founded in 2004. Mat said “I love that KidzWish provides immediate help for all the Illawarra children and their families who need that extra support.”

  • Michael Lowe

    Mick is a retired professional surfer, whose professional surfing career spanned fourteen years. Mick plays a big part in organising the Annual KidzWish Bowls Day, which raises funds for KidzWish Programs. Mick has helped raise over $100,000 for the KidzWish. Mick said: “I can see firsthand the improvements in quality of life that KidzWish can offer the kids through their programs. That's why I choose KidzWish. The best bit about it is that money raised in this region is used to benefit children in this region.”

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