Leo's 18th Birthday

What’s it all about?

For Leo Lagana, being an ambassador for KidzWish has enabled him to raise money to help kids with special needs and also flourish as a front-man. 

Not only will we celebrate Leo's 18th birthday on Thursday 26 July but we will also acknowledge his contribution as an ‘‘ambassador’’ for KidzWish, leading many fundraising campaigns for more than 10 years.

This is an invite only event and attendance is limited. If you received a formal invitation we encourage you to register now. Light refreshments and drinks will be provided. 

IMPORTANT! Leo's 18th birthday party will become a small-screen package, airing on the Today Show on Nine.

For more information

For further information please email Beau at beau@kidzwish.org.au or call 0448 249 147.

Jamberoo Pub, Jamberoo , NSW, 2533, Australia
26th July, 2018
12:00PM - 2:00PM
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