Workplace Giving

Harvard researchers write: “Happier people give more and giving makes people happier…."

KidzWish Foundation staff and volunteers offer critical services that make a daily impact on the families and children we serve, in our community, at KidzWish Place, where you live and work.

When you donate through your workplace, your generosity can make a difference and change a life.

You (the employee) can decide the set amount you would like to give each week – whatever amount you are comfortable with. Even the smallest donation can make a difference… just $5 a week ($260 a year) can have a big impact.

How does it work?

Your Payroll team deducts the amount specified from your gross / pre-tax earnings. This deduction is made after calculating superannuation contributions but before deducting PAYG tax. This way you get an immediate tax benefit. All modern payroll systems can facilitate Workplace Giving donations.

Upon each pay cycle, your Payroll will electronically transfer the donation to KidzWish Foundation in one simple transaction. There is very little extra work involved and there are no tax forms for you to complete.  Your Employer will simply need to keep a copy of the form completed by you authorising them to make deductions from your pay and a record of the total deductions made from each pay.

Registration and further information

Register through our Workplace Giving Program by completing the registration form to the right of this page.

For further information please email or call 1300 260 990.

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